Governance at FeedbackHall

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Governance at FeedbackHall

Governance at FeedbackHall

Governance at FeedbackHall

We are committed to promoting good corporate governance in the conduct of our business. The Advisory Board is the ultimate governance body. It supervises the Management.


Advisory Board

The FeedbackHall Advisory Board focuses on high-level governance tasks and ensures continued success of FHL. The Board is responsible for approving strategies for commercial activities; protecting and enhancing the brand and setting/approving policies and regulations. The Board is made up of 7 persons.


FeedbackHall Community Council

FeedbackHall Community Council is made up of our Elites – members of the FeedbackHall community who write feedback and create other contents in line with our policies and guidelines, have detailed personal profile, are active in voting and complimenting others, and have a history of relating well with other members of the community. The FeedbackHall Community Council members are nominated by other elites or appointed by the management of FeedbackHall for tenure of two years.

The council will hold meetings annually and make inputs to the work of the Advisory Board. The FeedbackHall Community Council will provide valuable insights on how FeedbackHall can work better to satisfy the needs of its users.



The management team runs the day-to-day operations of FeedbackHall, ensuring that the daily activities of our people as well as users of our platform align with our values and will help achieve the mission and vision of the Firm. The management team develops and implements the FeedbackHall strategies and ensures that everything we do leads to the achievement of our mission.


Managing our Staff

We ensure provision of quality services by recruiting professionals who are competent, experienced and passionate about the mission of FeedbackHall. While doing so, we ensure that our teams are diverse. We believe that our mission of empowering consumers to drive innovation and change products requires us to build effective teams that reflect the diversity of the members of our community. This provides us with a broad range of competencies, experiences and perspectives. We also ensure that our processes for recruitment, development and promotion meet the highest global standards to enable us attract, nurture and retain professionals who are hardworking, meticulous, smart and courageous.

To manage the issues of conflict of interest among our people, we insist that:

1. members of our Advisory Board, Management and Staff should not be Directors in companies whose products or services are reviewed on feedbackhall. Their closely connected persons (such as family members – spouses, children, parents, grandparents, siblings, and business partners) should also not be Directors in those organisations

2. members of our Advisory Board, Management and Staff should not be Directors in companies providing services similar to those being provided by FeedbackHall.

3. members of Management and Staff should not be past employees or casual/contract staff or consultants in companies whose products and services are rated on FeedbackHall.

4. All members of Board, Management and Staff are required to declare any gifts or hospitality offered or received in connection with their role in FHL to enable us assess the risk or threat to decision making of the personnel.



When users give feedback, the feedback appears immediately because we do not sensor the feedback given. Similarly, the system that selects the best product or service is fully automated and that is why a user can instantly see the impact of his/her rating on the overall rating of a product or service. This demonstrates our transparency.

Advertisers get ads only. Any business paying for adverts on FeedbackHall will get ads on FeedbackHall only. FeedbackHall only guarantees effective advertising as FeedbackHall adverts puts your products and services right before consumers searching for what you offer. Paying for advertisement does not allow businesses to manipulate their feedback and ratings. Indeed, advertising businesses have no control over their feedback and ratings.


Sources of Revenue

FeedbackHall intends to generate revenue from its commercial activities. We do not receive donations from businesses.