2019 Nigeria Digital Consumer Survey

The FeedbackHall's Nigeria Digital Consumer Survey (NDCS) was launched in March 2019 as part of FeedbackHall's activities to mark the 2019 World Consumer Rights Day, which had the theme, “Trusted Smart Products.” This theme is important in the context of Nigeria, Africa's largest economy, with over 90 million people connected to the internet. Customer experiences, preferences, and trust are important topics. In fact, customers’ trust, which is largely determined by their experience, is not just one of the factors that companies dealing in digital products require to succeed, it is the air that they breath. At FeedbackHall, we knew that a lot of people had opinions about customer experiences, preferences and trust in the digital markets but, empirical evidence was inadequate and, in some contexts, lacking. The FeedbackHall's NDCS was instituted to provide research-based insights on these important topics. Download Survey