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Brief Description

Founded: 1929
Founder: C.L. Grigg
Producer: Pepsico
Sizes: Glass bottles (35cl), P.E.T bottles (50cl) and cans (33cl).
Variants: Seven Up, Seven Up free and H20.
Head Office: 247 Moshood Abiola Way, Ijora, Lagos, Nigeria.
Tel: +234 805 690 0900 / +234 806 690 0900  


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Oluwabori Oluwajoba 1 review 12 September, 2018

Energy.. Kind of addicted to it My best
Osas joyce 1 rated it 7 September, 2018

I love this drink. It has that refreshing taste that acts as a booster when I feel like throwing up or when am weak. It can be used for medicinal purpose. This is indeed my best drink.
Onyinye Nsogbu 1 rated it 4 September, 2018

This drink is refreshing and enticing, it reminds me of childhood.
Nnadi Chukwuemeka 1 rated it 2 September, 2018

Its so refreshing.... It goes well with snacks especially bread
Valentin Snapper 1 rated it 31 August, 2018


7up is known to be medicinal which can be used to take both orthodox and herbal medicine for adequate and effective results.