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Brief Description

Producer: Pepsico
Variants: Bitter Lemon, Tonic and Soda
Sizes: Glass bottles (30cl), P.E.T bottles (50cl) and cans (33cl).
Head Office: 247 Moshood Abiola Way, Ijora, Lagos, Nigeria.
Tel: +234 805 690 0900 / +234 806 690 0900  


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Customer Reviews & Posts

Ugwu Maduabuchi Desmond  rated it    19 September, 2021
i love the taste of the drink, just as said...always sweet when chilled
Asadu Chidera  rated it    11 May, 2020
I love the sweet bitter taste of Teem Lemon. Drink responsibly
Itodo Anawo  rated it    3 December, 2018
If you want to drink responsible try team bitter lemon. It is good for proper functioning of our internal system. I love this drink
Ifeanyi Victor  rated it    16 November, 2018
Teem has a good bitter lemon taste and that is why it is advisable for our old parents. The lemon taste is sparkling and nourishing. I love it.
Kalu Victory  rated it    30 October, 2018
Teem is the idle drink for our old parents because of its low sugar content. Medical researches proves it is good for men as per it enhances sperm production. I drink it very often.