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  • Merchandize availability, variety and selection
  • Site layout and ease of shopping
  • Clarity and usefulness of product description and imagees
  • Shipping options and timeliness in delivery
  • Customer support (Live chat, help pages, call center)
  • Payment process

Brief Description

Founder:  Sim Shagaya
Founded: July 2012, Lagos
Headquarters: Redemption Crescent, Gbagada,  Industrial Estate, Lagos State, Nigeria
Customer Service 0700 700 0000

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Customer Reviews & Posts

Okolie Izu 1 rated it 24 August, 2018

One of the best in the ecommerce industry

One of the best in Nigeria. Good return and delivery policy. Recommend them always.
Kalu Emeka 1 rated it 21 August, 2018

Very good and cheap ecommerce shop...I love them tire.
Kizito Nwadinigwe 1 rated it 20 August, 2018

Kalu Victory 1 rated it 20 August, 2018

Best E commerce online store in Naija. ....Quality at a good rate.
Ebri Obia 1 review 19 August, 2018

Konga is the best place to shop, easy delivery, reliable and trusted. Have never had complain on my dealing with kinda.