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Product Categories: Eyes, Lips, Face, Nails, Accessories
Tel: 1 (909) 945-2220; 1 (800) 776-2221
Fax: 1 (909) 945-2262
Mailing Address: L.A. Girl Cosmetics, 2021 South Archibald Avenue, Ontario, California 91761 USA


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Chukwu Joy 1 review 29 September, 2018

L.A Girl is a very nice product that everyone one would love to use.keep it it up
Onunwa Michelle 1 rated it 20 August, 2018


L.A.Girl has medicure and pedicure you can use for your facial's a cosmetic products well known, people that are using it are testifying...try L.A.Girl product n you won't compare it to other Make....