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Eden Homer wrote a review for
Sleek Makeup

Looks like this product has a fake version. I bought one for my girlfriend and it didn't appear good on her like the one she bought and used earlier. Sleek needs to check.

Yaro Joshua wrote a review for
Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion

This cream is just expensive for almost nothing. I used it and didn't see any tangible effect although I am really dark with normal skin so may be its not meant for blacks.

Ex Olusola posted a picture for
Napa Corned Beef

Just thought I should send this to these companies importing all sorts to Nigeria

Good Man wrote a review for
ARM pension

Information is always shared on time. statement is clear, no ambiguity. It is later I will know whether the savings is attracting enough interest or not.

EZE CHEKWUBE I wrote a review for
Gordons London Dry gin

I like the brand. It works fast in the body making you not to drink to stupor

Handsome Ebby wrote a review for
Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC)

No basis for billing. Please bring meter so that you can bill people based on what they consume. This issue of having a large sum you want to get in mind and dividing that amount among the users is absolutely wrong and unfair to users.

Good Man wrote a review for
Dano Slim

This milk was tasteless. I believe skimmed milk must not be tasteless.

Ismaila Hauwa wrote a review for

Reliable pension service. Although, they delay reports/information sometimes but they eventually send it. II am comfortable with Trustfund.

Sonn Angela wrote a review for
Union Bank

Smarter than I thought. I never knew I could make electronic transfers to Union Bank accounts.

Uttom Kate wrote a review for
MTN Lumos Mobile Electricity

I appreciate the prompt response from MTN when the system has issues.

Change X2Y wrote a review for

Nice website. Easy to shop and easy to make payments. I like!

Nosakhare Collins wrote a review for

My monthly subscription for MTN data finishes every week! So terrible. I am tired of buying data!

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