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Ifi Vic wrote a review for
Bio Tone transparent Glycerine Soap

It is a good bleaching soap....It clears black spots and enhances your complexion. It also works well for those fair in complexion or at most lightly chocolate colour

Ifi Vic wrote a review for

This soap contains carrot oil that amends stretch marks and scars. It is effective and my friend use it on a regular basis. It works well for those fair in complexion

Ifi Vic wrote a review for

Tetmosol have been an old brand in the soap industry. I use it often when I was a teenager. It is a quality medicated soap that nourishes the also has a good smell.

Ifi Vic wrote a review for
Papaya (Whitening Soap)

This soap is good at whitening the body and clearing black spots. It is made from paw-paw extracts but smells real great. Also very affordable in the market

Ifi Vic wrote a review for
Irish Spring

Irish spring is a quality soap from England. It is one of the best anti-body odor soap in the country. The soap is two things combined together- Soap+ Perfume. Go get it, you would love it.

Ifi Vic wrote a review for
Crusader (Safety Soap)

Crusader is a bacteria killing soap. It is very effective and I really describe it for someone with skin disease of any type. It is also Herbal......good for the skin

Ifi Vic wrote a review for
Dove Beauty Cream Bar

This beauty cream is simply Mild like the dove, powerful as the lion. The smell is fabulous. It is an anti-aging cream, I really suggest it for a smooth and soft skin.

Ifi Vic wrote a review for
Dettol (Cool)

Dettol cool is awesome. It may be hot when bathing but after the bath comes the refreshing cool skin. Dettol is a very big brand and most of their product is great.....and this one inclusive. I love the ice-mint smell

Ifi Vic wrote a review for
Carotone Soap

Carotone soap is made o carrot extract. And Carrot is a great vegetable that is 100% beneficial to the skin. I use the soap always, even when I travel. Nice smell and very cheap

Ifi Vic wrote a review for
Caro White

caro white is a nice soap for everyone both young and old. It nourishes the body and brings out the best of your complexion. I love the smell too.....Also very affordable

Zen Cont wrote a review for

With the popular saying....If it is not Orijin, It is not Original. Undoubtably, orijin is one of the best alcoholic drinks in Nigeria. The presence of those herbs make it outstanding. I love the taste, I love the effect in the body.

Zen Cont wrote a review for
Guinness Stout

Guinness stot is a profound brand. Premium taste and also proven to be medicinal for both men and women. Drink responsibly.....excess bottles of stout will make you drunk because it is alcoholic

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