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Star Lucky 1 reviewed
Guinness Africa Special

Real African special

Rich refreshing and satisfying taste. I love this drink

Uttom Kate 1 reviewed
Overland Airlines

Tiny aircrafts

your aircrafts are too small. The size makes it scary. Cant you get bigger ones?

Musa Ishaya 1 reviewed
First Bank

Strong but archaic

I like First bank because I always feel that my money is safe inside there. But, their services are so archaic - the people and the banking halls and the processes. Who says an organisation cannot be old and modern at same time? Please thush up.

Anaetu Chinyere 1 reviewed
Dettol (Skincare)

Nice Fragrance

Dettol skin care has a beautiful long lasting smell. Above all, it is soft on the skin.

Mohammed Isah Isiaku 1 reviewed
Tecno L8


The performance of the battery is okay but they need to improve. On 3 G service

Bright Ekezie 1 reviewed
Diamond Bank

Bank charges issue

Pls let them reduce their bank charges, it is too much. I have an account with them but whenever I do any transaction they will charge me,even I use my ATM card at their machine it will still charge me the same thing other banks use to charge me.pls they ... read more

Bright Ekezie 1 reviewed
Power pasta

Missing in the market

There is no more power pasta in the market. It is scarce nowadays. You hardly see one in the market. Pls let them do something.

Bright Ekezie 1 reviewed
Dangote Spaghetti

Distribution problems

Pls,Dangote company should come to our aid. There is no competition in Nsukka. There is only one brand is dominating. I that normally eat Dangote product,I have been force to eat the one I see because I had no choice. I like Dangote spaghetti because of its quantity and quality ... read more

Bright Ekezie 1 reviewed

Data issues

Pls Glo company should reintroduce N200 special plan that gives 1.3gb for three days. For students like us that normally has virtual lessons through online so that we can make use of it and learn and download the needful ones.

Odeke Peter 1 reviewed

D network is too poor But d data is massive. Still I don't like it for dat reason

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