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Enyinnaya Jay reviewed

Unsteady network service

I feel frustrated lately using Airtel network. Don't kno what's happening to this network around UNN. Pls Airtel do something about this to retain your customers

Egbula Chidinma reviewed
MTN Lumos Mobile Electricity

I no longer know darkness. Thanks to Lumos. But MTN needs to upgrade it to be able to carry fan, at least. People can pay more for bigger system Only bulbs and charging is too small.

Adamu Felicia reviewed
Jevnik Restaurant

I just had a good breakfast/launch at Jevi. Its a wonderful restaurant that will give you plenty food. They are not stingy with food. Unlike these fast foods that will serve you food so small as if they are giving you holy communion. Tsuuuuuup...

Atuegbu Chidinma reviewed

It's a good product. Has certain thing I look out for in a phones which are a strong and long lasting batter, a good camera among others.

Atuegbu Chidinma reviewed

I know they don't have alot of channels to choose from but at least they are very affordable.

Atuegbu Chidinma reviewed

It a wonderful thing to have in the home because it combines channels for all age grade .

Atuegbu Chidinma reviewed
Chi exotic

OMG. Times when I want to have both tasty and keep up with the budget I opt for some exortic goodness.

Atuegbu Chidinma reviewed
Capri-sonne Orange

Looking for a drink to satisfy a sweet tooth. This is one to try.

Atuegbu Chidinma reviewed
5 Alive citrus burst

This one brings back memories. Hanging out with friends or celebrating something and want to save as much as possible while having fun, try this one.

Atuegbu Chidinma reviewed
Vita Milk (Choco Shake)

I can already taste it right now. Want some soya goodness with cocoa in it, grab this drink.

Atuegbu Chidinma reviewed
Viju Milk (Chocolate Flavour)

Hmm! hmm! Hmm! Are you a fan of chocolates or chocolate flavoured drinks, you have to give this drink a try.

Atuegbu Chidinma reviewed
Hollandia Yoghurt

What to take milk in a flavoured way, this milk drink is one to try especially if you like to go on healthy stuff.

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