Content Guidelines

As a consumer, you have a right as well as a responsibility to provide feedback on products and services that you consume. FbH encourages you to be yourself and be bold at the same time that you are genuine, independent, comprehensive and objective. FbH wants to remain a reliable hub for sharing and obtaining real user experiences and we ask you to please help us keep it that way.   Experiences you can share on FbH
you can share the following levels of experiences on FbH:
a) How a product’s aesthetics (sound, look, feel, smell and/or taste) appeal to you
b) The meaning(s) you attach to a product
c)  Feelings and emotions that are elicited by your experience with the product. For example, happiness, inspiration or disappointment;
d)    The impact that your experience had on you, for example, excitement or tiredness. You should ensure that the reactions were actually elicited by the product and not by other factors such as health conditions and weather.


1.      Use real account information - people will trust you more. However, if you do not want to be identified personally, use a nickname
2.      Don’t share any experience you did not have. Share your experience(s) with a product only if you had a physical interaction with the product such as using or operating the product. Do not share experiences gained from non-physical interactions, including experiences from fantasy and imaginations.
3.      For products that require special skills to operate, please ensure that you have the required skills before sharing experiences with such products.  For example, you should not share an experience about the effectiveness of a smart phone when you do not know how to operate it.
 4.      You can share an experience with a service if you actually experienced the service. For example, if you subscribe to a mobile network service, operate an account with a bank or visited the bank for a transaction.
 5.      You should be able to defend your feedback so they need to be truthful and accurate.                      

Comprehensiveness and clarity

1.      Please provide unambiguous and adequate information about your experience to make them credible and useful to other participants. Depending on the situation, you may need to include:
a.    Product identifying information (e.g. model or product number)
b.    The eliciting context (i.e. the situation in which you interacted with the product or service). The context within which you interacted with a product or service matters. It has a way of influencing the way you perceive the product.
c.    Expiry date of the product you interacted with.
2.    Ensure that your feedback, questions and contributions are clearly written. Also, ensure that your comments, questions and answers are relevant to the discussion.  


When you write your feedback and rate products or services, please do so because you are convinced that your experience(s), when shared, will help intending consumers make better purchasing decisions; serve as an encouragement to the producer or serve as input to producer’s innovation processes.
Don’t write your feedback based on hearsay and generalizations as such feedback are not only useless but may be also harmful.
Don’t collect incentives from business owners or their agents to write your feedback. We have also advised Business owners not to offer incentives to customers, relations and friends to get their feedback.


Let your feedback and contributions be free of bias or prejudices caused by your personal feelings. To avoid conflicts of interest, please avoid giving feedback on products that you are affiliated with, such as products and services belonging to you, your current or former employer, friends, relatives and competitors. 
We have advised business owners not to manipulate their ratings and feedback through such acts as inspiring only happy customers, relatives and friends to write feedback about their products or services. Businesses asking their customers to write feedback should ask both satisfied and unsatisfied customers to write feedback to create a natural and balanced view of their products/services. Businesses should not mandate their staff to collect only positive feedback. We advise businesses to focus on providing excellent user experience because it is the only path to naturally high quality and unbiased feedback.
Do not post negative feedback on competitor products/services. This act is completely unacceptable at FbH and we have developed a number of tools and procedures for recognizing fake feedback. If we find out that a business manipulated or is manipulating its ratings or those of its competitors, we shall disallow further feedback on the product/service of that business.

Representing Someone Else or an Organisation You can share the experiences of someone else only if the person is physically challenged or a child. You can also represent a group or an organisation if you have been appointed to do so. Please read the conditions for representing below.

Giving feedback and rating products on behalf of the Physically Challenged
‘Physically challenged’ in our context include all consumers who are unable to personally share their experience(s) due to impairment, ill-health or old age. Given the significance of this group and the need to capture insights from them, a person of 13 years and above, who is attached to the challenged by relationship (such as a mother, father or sister) or by appointment (such as a hired caregiver) can share the experiences of the challenged consumer. Users sharing product experiences of a physically challenged should indicate clearly that the experiences being shared are a third party’s and not their personal experiences. They should also mention their relationship with the challenged consumer.  

Giving feedback and rating products on behalf of Children
Children are people under 13 years. They also gather experiences as they interact with goods and services. At least, they can tell when a snack tastes good or when a restaurant’s service is slow. However, children are not allowed to give feedback and rate products on FbH as some may be unable to read, understand and adhere to the policies and terms. The experiences of children can be shared by their parents, older siblings or guardians, who have firsthand knowledge of their experience. Users sharing experiences of children should indicate clearly that the experiences being shared are those of children and not their personal experiences. They should also mention their relationship with the child/children.  

Representing an Organisation
You can share an organisation’s experience or respond to shared experiences on behalf of an organisation if you have been authorized to do so. When acting on behalf of an organisation, it is important to ensure that the contents you intend to post (comments, photos, videos, etc) are all approved for posting by appropriate individuals in the organisation you represent. FbH accepts no liability for any content posted purportedly on behalf of an organisation for which appropriate approval from the organisation has not been properly received.

Objectionable Contents

FbH respects all its users and expects its users to respect each other. Objectionable contents include:
a)    Contents that incite violence as well as those that are offensive, threatening or upsetting.  Contents targeted on certain religion, tribe, race, sexual orientation, political affiliations and those that are generally abusive should not be posted on FbH.
b)    Contents that are focused on organisations or persons. FbH expects you to share your product/service experiences, not opinions on business owners or the organisation.
c)    Pornographic contents i.e. contents that can make others feel offended or sexually excited such as contents that describe or show naked people or sexual acts; contents that describe materials used in stimulating, enhancing, or performing sexual activities; and contents that describe sex-related services.
d)    Security products such as firearms, weapons and services of public or private security agencies.
e)    Contents that include harassment, insults, hate speech and lewdness. We will remove the accounts of people who repeatedly post these kinds of contents and those who respond to such postings in a similar manner. If you believe any posting is harassing, abusive or lewd, please report the content instead.
f)    External links that lead to insecure websites Privacy Please don’t post your personal details such as phone numbers, e-mail addresses and location and don’t publish the personal details of other people without their permission. If you do, we will remove such contents and ban you from using our services.

Intellectual Property

FbH respects intellectual property rights and we encourage our users to do the same. Please post your own creations - write your feedback yourself, take your pictures and record your own videos for posting.

Removal Requests

If you have evidence that a feedback is fake or that the feedback violates the rights of anyone or any of FbH’s posting guidelines, please let us know by clicking on ‘report content’ below the posting.  Our content team will consider rational and courteous requests to remove contents that are supported by adequate evidence.  Rude or legal threats to FbH are not likely to yield the best results.