Ready to work for a better world? Join us today and your future self will thank you.

Work at FbH is gratifying for critical thinkers, creative problem solvers and game changers who want to make real positive difference in the world. If this sounds like you, join us. We will support you to achieve your ambition and fulfill your potential. At FbH, opportunities are limitless.


What we do at FbH is fun but it’s also critical as it impacts consumers, producers, service providers and society at large.

We begin by encouraging and helping consumers to provide genuine feedback on goods and services they deal with everyday. This gives consumers power to shape and change products as their feedback influence buying decisions of others and make available, information producers need to create more user-centered innovative products. To get that structured inflow of useful feedback, we do our best to get consumers to be constructive at the same time that they are themselves. This is paradoxical for some consumers in certain situations but we consider the combination important.

One of our most critical tasks is the analysis and interpretation of messages within the feedback that consumers provide. Performing this task is necessary to generate high quality Consumer Experience Reports and other customized reports that may be required. This unique task requires much more than software; it also takes intelligent human analysis. At FbH, collective intelligence which involves the pooling of knowledge and collaborative problem solving is at the core of our practice.


Our commitment to continuous learning, mentoring and career coaching will provide you with invaluable experiences that will enable you make swift progress on the job. The experiences will also add to your career capital and professional confidence. And, at every milestone you reach, we will reward and celebrate your success and empower you to do more.

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As an analyst, you will be working amongst an experienced and dynamic team of professionals responsible for monitoring the market and coding consumer comments.

You are invited to apply if you are:

  • interested in consumer interactions and the outcome of those interactions
  • interested in exploiting information appliances and social networks
  • able to critically analyse and evaluate written visual, digital multimodal texts
  • able to differentiate between what is relevant and what is irrelevant
  • proficient in both oral and written English
  • able to meet strict deadlines without compromising on quality
  • able to learn quickly
  • able to collaborate with colleagues in solving problems
  • have a university degree (or an equivalent)
  • have completed NYSC or obtained an exemption letter

We will offer you:

  • conducive working environment
  • contemporary working environment where ideas and initiatives are appreciated
  • compensation in line with your contribution as well as a motivating mix of non-monetary benefits

If you are eligible, please send your Curriculum Vitae to