Frequently asked questions

FeedbackHall is a community of consumers sharing their experiences of products and services offered in Nigerian markets - made in Nigeria or not. These experiences could be positive or negative. With feedbackhall online platforms, sharing product experience is easy; consumers can share experiences when they are relaxing, working, playing or shopping! The service is open to everyone and every business free.

FeedbackHall was established to:

  1. provide information that consumers need to make informed choices. On feedbackhall, consumers can easily share experiences of goods and services to help intending consumers read and make better choices
  2. provide a means for consumers to provide structured and transparent feedback to producers/service providers to help them understand and make targeted improvements. Companies need feedback from their customers to provide better quality products and grow but only few companies have what it takes to conduct consumer surveys as regularly as required. Feedbackhall makes it possible for every business to get real and constructive feedback, free.
  3. connect consumers and businesses. Help consumers find businesses and also helps businesses find customers in a unique way.
  4. Initiate and strengthen conversations between consumers and businesses
  5. close gaps between what consumers like and what businesses make. Ultimately, feedbackhall ensures more satisfaction for consumers and more sustainable growth for businesses.

Incorporated in October, 2017 and launched on August 9, 2018

No. Feedbackhall is a limited liability company.

Not exactly but feedbackhall complements the services of the FCCPC and provides data and information that FCCPC could use in delivering its mandates. Both are similar because they are interested in empowering and protecting consumers but they do not perform these functions in exactly the same way. Feedbackhall is a social media that empowers and protects consumers by making available information consumers need to make the right purchase decisions. It brings consumers together in a community to influence each other’s decisions through experience sharing and by so doing, build a force that is powerful enough to make businesses effect the change they want. FCCPC, on the other hand, is a government-established organisation that protects consumers by taking both preventive and remedial measures. Therefore, FCCPC also uses consumer complaints to help them get redress.

  • On FeedbackHall, you can read the experiences shared by other customers to get the real gist and make more informed decision. You learn from the experiences of other users and spend your money wisely.
  • By sharing your experiences of products or services, you save intending consumers from making wrong choices.
  • with FeedbackHall you can give feedback EASILY to producers/service providers and they can use your feedback to improve the quality of products they offer you. Without your feedback, companies wouldn’t know how you feel about their goods or services and will not be able to make the changes you want.
  • A business or a customer protection agency can reach out to you to sort out any service issues. FeedbackHall connects you with the businesses you patronise and you can discuss your concerns easily without physically going to the business premises.
  • FeedbackHall gives you knowledge of available products and services so you can find alternatives.
  • As you participate actively on FeedbackHall, you can become a member of the Five Star Squad (FSS) which has enormous benefits. Read about FeedbackHall Five Star Squad.

FeedbackHall is your next step in word of mouth and you should register to:

  1. get instant feedback from customers to make targeted improvements and grow your business in a sustainable manner
  2. get more customers and get more revenue opportunities.
  3. strengthen your conversation with your customers and build greater loyalty
  4. promote your business using feedback stars and beautiful customer stories.

Your customers are already sharing their experiences on FeedbackHall. Join them there! All for free!

To create an account on feedbackhall,

  1. log on to
  2. click on ‘Sign up’
  3. click ‘Sign up with facebook’ OR enter your name, email address, age, password and click sign up.

Nothing! Just sign up. We offer feedbackhall free to all consumers and all businesses because we want every consumer, irrespective of economic, social or physical status to be able to share whatever experiences they believe is worth sharing and we want every business, big or small, to be able to read and respond.

To confirm your email address, you'll need to follow the instructions that are emailed to you when you sign up. If you are unable to locate the message, please make sure you are checking the right email folder or check your other email folders as you may not recall the email you used to register. If you still cannot find it, check your spam folder. If you've already tried all these and you're unable to confirm your email address, please contact us on

You can find experiences shared on a product or service on its feedback board. You can reach the feedback board through any of the following:

  1. On the feedbackhall homepage, click on the search button and enter the product or company’s name. you will see the product/company and you click on it to go to its feedback board.
  2. On the home page, click on categories, select the category to which the product or company belongs. A list of items under the category will be displayed and you can click on the product or service you are looking for to see its feedback board.
  3. If you cannot find the product or service you are looking for, please click on ‘tell us about it’ so we can list it.
  1. Log on to
  2. From the menu bar, click on ‘write a review’
  3. Select category and the product/service you want to give feedback on and say what you want to say
  4. Rate aspects of the service you experience and click on the ‘Post Review’ button. Your feedback will appear immediately on the home page

You can also use the search tool to find a product faster and give your feedback.

Good feedback are passionate personal experiences of products and services that are GICO (Genuine, Independent, Comprehensive and Objective). Good feedback help others make informed decisions about whether to buy a product and also helps businesses understand what they need to change and what they need to keep doing. Feedback that cannot make these happen are not very useful. Please read our Content Guidelines

When you buy something, use a product or have a service experience, you can give your feedback and share the experience you had. On Feedbackhall, you can share your experiences with the world anytime, from anywhere in seconds!

You shouldn’t give feedback:

  • if you haven’t experienced the product or service. Don’t give feedback based on hear-say and do not write fake feedback.
  • if you have a special relationship with the company. For instance, when you own the business, if you are/were an employee in the firm or the product or service is offered by your direct competitor.

Don’t succumb to any pressure from anyone or business to give a feedback. All the experiences you share (positive and negative) should be real so you can always stand strongly behind them.

Your feedback may appear in private and public places on this website or any other website or document as follows.

Feedbackhall’s homepage – When you give your feedback, it appears at the ‘Recent activity’ section on the Feedbackhall’s home page immediately you hit the “Post-review’ button. However, your feedback may be there only for a short while as new feedback displace older ones. When your feedback is displaced, it can only appear on the homepage again if it is featured.

Product feedback page – Your feedback can be found on the board of the product or service you gave feedback on. This is the home of your feedback and so it will always be here.

My Reviews – You can also see your feedback when you click on ‘My Reviews’ in your profile

Feedbackhall blog – Your feedback can also appear in the feedbackhall blog, in related articles published by feedbackhall

Websites and other marketing outletsA business could use your positive feedback for marketing purposes and may display it on their website, social network. They may also display it on offline marketing materials. This makes your feedback visible to a wider audience.

Sometimes, feedback are temporarily taken down from feedbackhall for investigation. This happens when a feedback is reported by other users or by our compliance team when they believe a feedback is fake or when they think a feedback has not followed our Content Guidelines. However, if you think your feedback has been removed by mistake, please send a mail to Feedbackhall will not delete feedback permanently without notifying the user.

Trust is foundational to the success of feedbackhall. We know this and we are committed to being extremely reliable. Here are some reasons you can trust what you find on feedbackhall:

  1. Inclusiveness: feedbackhall services are available to all consumers irrespective of their physical, physiological, social or economic status. It’s a voice for all that gives a representative view of a company’s product or service
  2. Openness: We encourage our users to be open, to be themselves and be bold but at the same time, honest and constructive in their communications.
  3. Clear and well thought-out policies: Strong policies and guides are available on feedbackhall for consumers and businesses and we mandate every user to read them before using the website
  4. Transparency: Feedbackhall is transparent and that is why our systems are fully automated, publishing feedback instantly as written by the user. No censoring, no delays.
  5. Smart and courageous compliance team: We trust that our users will respect our policies but we know that not all our users will go by our policies 100% of the time so we have established a smart and courageous contents compliance team that work diligently to detect fake feedback, investigate flagged feedback and spot other abuses of the platform.
  6. Fake feedback alert: Below every feedback is a flag and other users can flag any feedback they believe is fake or violates our policies. Such feedback is pulled down temporarily for investigation. If such feedback is found to be fake, it is removed permanently but if otherwise, it is returned.
  7. We conduct physical surveys and our system compares scores posted by online users with those we gathered from traditional surveys to produce a confidence score for each feedback page. We believe that this measure would put some check on the activities of people intending to game our system.

Feedbackhall does not select most liked products. They are generated automatically by aggregating scores assigned to the products by the users, so Most Liked products could change anytime, depending on consumer ratings. The product with the highest score automatically becomes the most liked. Because this section is automated, businesses cannot request for their products to become the most liked.

No No and No. Paying for advertisement does not allow a business to manipulate its feedback and ratings. Any business paying to place advertisement on feedbackhall will get advertisement on feedbackhall only. Feedbackhall will never skew things in favour of company advertising or against those that do not advertise because we believe that a business can choose any advertising platform it believes is best for its product or service. Advertising businesses have no control over their feedback and ratings and, there is no amount of money that can buy the integrity of the leadership of feedbackhall.

Feedbackhall only guarantees effective advertising as its adverts can put a business right before consumers searching for what it offers.

Feedbackhall will generate revenue from commercial activities such as placement of advertisements and annual reports. Feedbackhall does not take financial support from companies, especially those whose products and services are rated on the platform but feedbackhall can collaborate with businesses to reward users of the feedbackhall platforms or help them remedy a bad experience.

At the moment, feedbackhall is focused on making its services worthwhile

NO. it is not only important, but also a legal right and duty of consumers to be able to find, read and share experiences about goods and services available in the markets. Responsible customers are expected to provide feedback on products they use and Feedbackhall publishes business information to enable consumers do all of the above. If you need to update or change the information on your business page, please send a mail to with details of the request.

Besides, being on feedbackhall makes your business visible so you can find new customers. Secondly, on feedbackhall, you get feedback from your customers, free which you can use to make targeted improvements and grow better.

Well, it’s not a bad idea to discuss your worries with a lawyer but we would like you to understand that feedbackhall is not responsible for the experiences your customers have. Also, consumers have both right and responsibility to provide feedback on your product or service which they have used. You may want to save your business unnecessary noise and attention as well as cost that come with lawsuit because you may end up paying feedbackhall’s legal bills at the end of the case.

If you find any negative feedback on your board and think it is fake, please report it. We would pull it down and investigate. If we find the feedback to be real, we would reactivate it and if otherwise, we would remove it permanently. On the other hand, if you think the feedback may be true, please respond to the feedback accordingly. Read ‘Business support’ for our suggestions about responding to customer feedback.

consumers, like everyone else, have freedom of speech both online and offline and they have a right to express their opinions. Beyond rights, the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission of Nigeria, and the International Law on Consumer Protection regard it as a responsibility for a consumer to provide feedback to businesses on goods and services they patronize. specifically, it states that consumers have a responsibility to speak out (inform manufacturers and government of your needs and expectations); to complain (inform businesses and appropriate regulatory authorities about your dissatisfaction with a product or service, in a fair and honest manner) and to share experience (inform other consumers about your experience with a product or service)

Based on these, we do not believe that any business wanting to solve its problem in the court will succeed. However, if a business threatens you with a lawsuit, check your feedback again and make sure the facts are correct and that you can stand behind your views. If you are not sure, we suggest you send a mail to us at, requesting to remove the feedback. Feedbackhall will support you as much as it can.

Please send a mail to if you have evidence that a business is trying to create fake reputation on feedbackhall by paying people to write positive feedback. feedbackhall considers this action both unethical and illegal.

Feedbackhall is intended to be a safe and fun place where consumers connect with each other as well as connect with businesses. So, if anyone is making you feel unsafe or worrying you, please send a mail to with some evidence.

As in our disclaimer, feedbackhall provides the platform for the sharing but customers of the various products and services ultimately own the contents they post. We encourage our users to post feedback that are GICO (Genuine, independent, comprehensive and objective), if you have any concerns about a feedback or a photo, please contact our compliance team on

One of the goals of feedbackhall is to strengthen the conversation between producers/service providers and their customers. Based on this, we encourage friendly conversations both online and offline. However, these conversations could become unfriendly or uncomfortable. We encourage you to be genuine and honest at all times and stand behind your feedback and not write anything under pressure.

You cannot edit your feedback 15 minutes after you post it but you can write another feedback to update your previous feedback. We suggest you do this only when you have a new information or experience that need to be known. It is a violation of our policies for a business to pay people to write an update or to reward them when they update their feedback. It is also a violation of our polices to accept such payments or rewards.

A customer can ask for a refund to remedy a bad experience but definitely, it is a serious offence for a user to threaten a business with negative feedback or offering to update negative feedback they’ve already posted as a way to extract payment. If a business encounters such a user, please contact our compliance team on with hard evidence and we shall take appropriate actions.

If we confirm that a feedback is false and defamatory, we will remove it. If you find such feedback, please report them by sending a mail to Our compliance team would need some evidence. We encourage Business owners to use their business accounts to respond publicly or directly to any inaccuracies in the feedback.

  1. Go to ‘My profile’
  2. Click on ‘Update profile’
  3. Type in the new name you want to use
  4. Click on ‘Save’
  1. Go to ‘my profile’
  2. Click on ‘Change password’
  3. Type the old password
  4. Type the new password
  5. Retype the new password
  6. Click on ‘Save’

By default, anyone can see basic information about you just as you can see those of other users when you click on their names. However, you can go to your profile and make changes to whatever information you want people to see about you anytime.

People need to know a little (at least) about you to trust the feedback you make. Therefore, your name and a score of your activities on the site are meant for public consumption. If you are concerned about using your real name, you can use your nickname on the site. To change your name,

  1. go to my profile
  2. click on ‘update profile’
  3. change your name
  4. click on save

but note that you cannot become a feedback star if you are not using your real name.

It is not a requirement but we consider it important as your feedback are more credible when people can see your real name

However, if you choose not to use your real name, you will not be eligible to join the five-star squad.

No. feedbackhall will never share your personal information. Please read our privacy policy for further information.

The five star squad is made up of our highest level of users. the FSS is our way of recognizing members of the community who are active and who consistently demonstrate commitment and responsible consumer behaviors both online and offline. To become a member of the five star squad, you should:

  1. be above 18 years
  2. give high quality feedback. These are feedback that comply with our content guidelines
  3. have a detailed real personal profile information
  4. have an active voting and complimenting record
  5. play well with other members of the community
  6. not be owner of a business whose products/services users give feedback and rate on feedbackhall

Personal profiles of feedback stars are designated by a Gold badge and after five years, by a black badge. Feedback Stars have opportunity to join the User Advisory Board (UAB). The UAB is part of the management of FeedbackHall. As a member of the Board, you are entitled to attend Board meetings fully-sponsored with honorarium and many more benefits. A member of the five star squad can also attend any FeedbackHall official event. Being the first independent voice for the Nigerian consumer, you would have opportunity to shape the nature and direction of consumer empowerment in Nigeria. It also gives you an opportunity to play a key role in alleviating ignorance among many Nigerian consumers.

No age limits. Any member of the community can become a member of the five star squad.

Membership lasts for a year as the programme is an annual one that ends December every year but a person who is found exhibiting bad behavior may be dismissed before the year ends.

No. The FeedbackHall five star squad is only for individual consumers who have met the requirements. In fact, one cannot join the FSS if he or she owns a business that is being rated on Feedbackhall. While we appreciate their membership and interest in FeedbackHall, we believe that being a business owner or being a manager, staff, may lead to a conflict of interest. 

An official FeedbackHall event is an event organised by FeedbackHall. It could be an event organised at the community, state or national level. For example, community managers could organize small events any member of the community can attend. A larger event can be organised which will be open to all members of the FeedbackHall community. Yet there are some events meant only for the members of the five star squad. Feedbackhall events are usually a good opportunity for community members including consumers and business owners to connect. They are usually fun, insightful and educative.

If you no longer want to be a member of the five star squad, please just send a mail to indicating your desire to quit.