Advertising Policy


FeedbackHall (FbH) is interested in assisting products and services become more visible, popular and more successful by providing advertising spaces, but we also want to ensure that our users are safe and protected. Please read our Advertising Policies to find out what kind of advert contents are acceptable on FbH. Advertisers and advertising agents are responsible for understanding and complying with this policy as well as any other applicable laws and regulations in Nigeria.

Advert is all that advertisers get

When businesses pay for adverts on FbH, they get adverts and nothing else. Paying for adverts cannot get you higher ratings or better feedback and cannot get your negative feedback removed. Thus, whether or not an organisation places advert on FbH has nothing to do with the feedback and ratings of the product or services of the organisation.  FbH  believes that the best way to get positive feedback and ratings is to provide good quality products and services. No amount of money can buy the integrity of Feedback Hall and its leadership.

Products and services we do not advertise

1. Security products such as weapons, ammunition, explosives, surveillance equipment, spy cameras, mobile phone trackers and similar products

2. Tobacco and related products

3. Drugs and drug-related products

4. Fake documents

5. Services and products that stimulate or promote sexual activities, pleasure or excitement

6. Cash advance loans, multi-level marketing opportunities and similar business models

7. Products or services that facilitate unauthorized access to places or digital media

Prohibited Contents

We do not advertise contents that:

1. constitute products and services we don’t advertise;

2. include harassments, insults, hate speech, and lewdness;

3. are provoking, discriminatory or shocking;

4. are controversial (social and political) and those that incite violence;

5. infringe the rights of a third party;

6. Constitute pornographic contents i.e. contents that describe or show excessively visible skin, naked people, sexual positions or acts;

7. are deceptive or manipulative;

8. contents that are false or misleading;

9. directly or indirectly refer to or request personal attributes of our users (such as religion, ethnic background, gender identity, disability, medical condition, economic condition, criminal or arrest history, identifiers such as ID numbers, etc) Adverts designed to collect these kind of information from our users must be well assessed and evaluated before any permission is granted;

10. Imply a FbH endorsement or partnership of any kind. Adverts must not use our copyrights, trademarks or any confusingly similar marks without our permission.

Advert quality

Adverts should be of good quality with clear text and images. Advert contents intended to be in English language should be grammatically correct. Contents can be in Nigerian slangs but must not be vulgar or misleading.

Advert Review and Approval or Rejection

Advert images, texts and positioning are reviewed within 24 hours to ensure that they are in line with our advertising policies as well as any applicable laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. If we find anything wrong, we will work with you to fix it before placing the advert. We hope to be able to resolve the issues together otherwise we will reject the advert.

FbH reserves the right to reject, approve or remove any advert for any reason, at our sole discretion, including adverts that constitute or promote contents we consider objectionable, those that make our users feel uncomfortable or those that are not in line with our advertising policies and goals.

Making Changes to the Policy

These policies are subject to change at any time without notice. However, when we make changes to the policies, we shall notify our users.