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Brief Description

Producer: Pepsico 
Variants: Bitter Lemon, Tonic and Soda 
Sizes: Glass bottles (30cl), P.E.T bottles (50cl) and cans (33cl). 
Head Office: 247 Moshood Abiola Way, Ijora, Lagos, Nigeria.
Tel: +234 805 690 0900 / +234 806 690 0900 


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Customer Reviews & Posts

oluala kayode 1 rated it 21 November, 2018

The lemon taste makes me love it more than the rest of drinks.. Best of its kind..
Ogungbire Moyinoluwa 1 rated it 13 September, 2018


This is so refreshing, enjoyed more when cold
Asiwaju Ahmed 1 rated it 10 September, 2018


No doubts,this drink is my best I enjoyed it more when cold,it readily available and affordable.Except that the taste is changing this days somehow light when still remain my best drink any day.


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