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ADENIJI ABIDEMI 1 review 19 September, 2018

Wow, milani product is so nice. Words won't permit me to describe it all. I use milani powder and the way it do blend with my face kept people asking me whether I apply makeup or not. I so love it and I use it for my clients too. Kudos, ... read more
Suru Elizabeth 1 asked a question 17 September, 2018
How do I get my free airtime
Suru Elizabeth 1 rated it 17 September, 2018

Is lovely
Suru Elizabeth 1 review 17 September, 2018

Is nice
Hussein Rofiat 1 review 5 September, 2018

milani is a lovely powder most especially the oil control powder..i will be recommending it for ladies with oilly face,it last for a long period on the face. Am a proud user of milani powder. Happy customer.


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